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We wrote this book because, as introverts, there is absolutely no need to always be on the brink of breakdown – a vicious cycle of pushing yourself to social exhaustion then wanting to hide in a cave for the next few weeks to recharge. This book will help you proactively manage your life and your career.

What you will learn

100+ Actionable Tips

This book isn't redundant. It's 36 pages. We know you're busy so we've broken down all tips + advice into actionable lists.


You won't build a successful business if you don't take care of YOU. We break down exactly how you can start now.

Journal Prompts

Figure out what drains you and what gives you energy. We provide prompts (don't worry - we go first to give you time to think!)


Written by two very successful introverted business owners, we can assure you that this book will help you build a business that brings you joy, money and not stress.

AM Routine PDF Download

Routines help introverts stay energized. We've created a morning routine planner that you can print off and use daily!

Contributor Advice

10 amazing, successful, introverted business women share their experiences and advice for those who are dealing with challenges or need encouragement!

Samples from the book

Still not sure you want to Charge Up? Read a few excerpts! 


Ban “I’ll Have It To You Tomorrow”

Under Promise and Over Deliver – Ban “I’ll have it to you tomorrow.”

As an introvert, you’ve no doubt heard the words “I’ll have that to you tomorrow” come out of your mouth, all the while you’re secretly thinking, “How am I going to manage that?” A lot of introverts feel the need to prove themselves with their work, because they’re not always proving themselves by talking hard and fast in meetings, or splashing their achievements all over billboards, so we want to make sure we’re delivering above and beyond. Let’s just all agree to ban the words “I’ll have that to you tomorrow” from our vocabulary, and replace them with “I’ll confirm delivery date via email after this meeting, to make sure I’m giving you realistic timeframes,” or something along those lines. Don’t be pushed into giving a timeframe in a meeting, because you’ll undoubtedly overpromise and then have to make an apologetic phone call or stay up into the wee hours of the night to make the deadline. Once you’re on your own and have had time to go over all the elements of the project, check your calendar, then send back a timely email to the client or to your boss.

It’s also important to keep everything in writing. Since we tend to say, “Oh sure! That’s fine,” or are quick to agree to new terms, it’s better to get everything confirmed via email so that if there is a conflict or midunderstanding you’ll be able to sort it out quickly.


Handling Meetings

If there is one tip you take away, it is that you need to manage your meetings. Do not let them manage you! Here is how we do it:

– Have a standing meeting. Things will get done quicker, and you’re not sitting at a desk all day, which has health implications in itself!

– Don’t go to any meeting that doesn’t have an agenda. No agenda, nobody has thought through whether there is actually a point to the meeting. It doesn’t need to be delivered as a formal document, but an agenda does need to be written down.

– Who says meetings have to go for an hour? Schedule 10-minute meetings, if that is all it takes to see results.

– Specify days and weeks that are client-meeting days, and stick to it. You will get none of your actual work done if your days are interrupted with conversations for which you have to spend all your time to prepare.

– Having an “out” is key. Plan back-to-back meetings, wear a watch or casually let your clients know you have somewhere to be in the next hour. You will avoid small talk and will get things done!.

Claire’s Story

In my life so far, I have built a start-up digital media platform from scratch to rolling out in three cities, worked with international education institutions, been a consultant to multi-million dollar ecommerce boutiques and started my own marketing consulting business, Claire Deane Marketing, at the beginning of 2014, (which is how I met kindred introverted spirit, Allie!).

I also have my best ideas when I’m at home with my three dogs and two cats, the phone is off, and I’m pounding away on my MacBook, listening to an amazing TED talk or hanging out on my yoga mat in “downward dog” position…

If I’m asked to think on my feet, one half of my brain will be answering the question posed to me, and the other half will be running an inner-commentary (known as meta thinking) on the number of times I have repeated the word “basically,” the perceived impact of my words on the listener, or telling me I probably have lipstick on my teeth. Don’t get me wrong, I’m smart and have pretty strong opinions when it comes to providing advice to my clients, but I need to make sure what I’m telling them has been looked at from all angles, rather than being off-the-cuff, impulsive and something that I potentially have to back track after further analysis down the road. Introverts need to process information internally before they are ready to share their thoughts or ideas.


Allie’s Story

Let’s rewind to 1995. I found myself standing over my best friends’ mom at 2am as she slept soundly. Yes, it really was as creepy as it sounds. I found myself fighting back tears but I had to tell her that I needed to go home. As she awoke and heard my request, she sweetly put on her bathrobe and walked me across the street to my parents’ home while my friends stared out the window.

Back in 1995, I was labeled “the girl who got homesick.” Fast forward to present day and I now identify myself as an introvert. That sudden panic still hits me in my late 20’s but I’m not homesick for anything but time to myself. Interestingly enough, I’m not a hermit or anti-social. I can carry a conversation quite boisterously, attend networking events and charm a crowd. I launched my own business full-time in 2012 and have serviced over 100 clients around the world, within the past two years. I manage our contractors virtually, spend time traveling to humanize my online relationships and am constantly connected to our clients via email or Skype.


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  • Claire’s Story

    - In my life so far... [...]
  • Allie’s Story

    - Let’s rewind to 1995... [...]

This book is about proactively managing your life and your career, recharging your batteries with much needed and deserved alone-time, so that socializing, networking, building your business and spending time with people is rewarding and fulfilling, not draining.


What They’re Saying


Diana, The Third Row

Diana, The Third Row

MASSIVE congratulations on Charge Up! I've actually read most of it in one go... There are so many traits that I have that I've never made the connection were related to introversion eg homesickness, hating the phone, avoiding group exercise like the plague. It's so nice to realise there are actually a lot of other people out there who feel the same! I will absolutely think of your book every time I feel drained and realise it's OK to give myself permission to recharge.

Paul Jarvis, best selling author

Paul Jarvis, best selling author

Claire and Allie seriously get it - not everyone works, thinks or goes about their work in the same way. Charge Up is a quick and powerful account for finding your career path if you're introverted.

Ms Polka, Polka Dot Bride

Ms Polka, Polka Dot Bride

I’m learning a lot reading [Charge Up], I honestly didn’t realise I needed recharge time until author, Claire, asked me what I did to recharge!



Well, I read the book last night and I know it's going to be something I keep with me. I lost count of the number of times I was nodding my head, identifying with many of the traits and situations you both describe. Reading it was a relief and comfort knowing there's people, successful people in business, just like me.

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About the authors


Claire and Allie

We connected on a start-up project, and we eventually realized the way in which we work and process information is quite similar. Skype calls would turn into eager agreement over similarities like hiding in bathrooms at conferences, saying “you’ll have that by tomorrow” when put on the spot by clients and the eventual self-awareness of what we need to do to make sure we’re ‘nourished’ both professionally and emotionally. Claire and Allie both own multiple businesses but live on opposite sides of the globe (Australia + the States). They plan to hang out in real life in 2015 but for now, this awesome Photoshopped picture will just have to do…


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